Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let there be light!!

Craziness for camping gear is not new for me , from kid the love for flashlights and head lamps was there used to fiddle with my dad's collection, after my Avalanche camp (SEACA) in April 2009 felt the need for head lamp and mini flash lights, so did some review of various model available in the market, finally decided to go for Petzl Tikka plus(available in India) or Alp kit gamma(available outside India).

Gamma’s features were appealing thanks to powerful 1- Watt LED spot which should provide enough light for night walk and treks i do, so order one from UK.

was looking for min flashlight especially to have one handy in the pouch or for every day carry (EDC) so fixed Fenix E01, Mini Mag LED and still some more but then the whole in my wallet was getting bigger and bigger :( so rite now only mini mag and E01.(will add the rest later)
E01 was not available so got the Mini Mag LED (2AA flashlight) these are new entrant to my toys collection.
Hope to have great camping season ahead with my toys!!

Alpkit gamma : Multifuncitional LED hadtorch with three 5mm LEDs plus one 1W LED plus red backlight LED, uses 3 AAA batteries (Duracell supplied), red and green light options for night vision, adjustable elastic headband, strobe mode on all lights plus instant switch off in all modes, water resistant.

Mini Mag LED (2AA flashlight):
LED: 3 watt
Projecting Beam: yes
Focusing Beam : Yes
Batteries required: 2 AA size Alkaline
(Please check the official website for more info)

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Andrew said...

Kindly spare some of your valued time in finding more such useful gadgets useful for campings forests.