Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spinning autumn leaf

Shot this image during my birding trip to Thamini ghat in the Sahyadris, reached the spot around 6am. After spending some quality time observing the avian life , captured few frames of some birds. As the time passed by , birds population started to diminish. As the Sun was at it’s peak, we decided to follow the trail along the falls to shoot some macro subjects of varied interests. Due to the strenuous trekking ,felt exhausted and I sat beside a puddle,lo suddenly my eyes fell upon this exuberant fallen leaf floating gently amidst the ripples all around created by the water bugs(Heteroptera)present in the stream. This wonderful scene made me to think as to how often we are surrounded by the ripples of crisis in our day to day life . Are we facing these crisis as calmly and gently as this little leaf? Or just swept away …..???

It's just my thought,pls share if you have something in your mind!

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